Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Me and animals

Taos New Mexico 2001 0ct -Yumi-

Koh Lipe 2006 Jan -Nora-

Dahab Egypt 2007 Oct

Dahab Egypt 2007 Nov

Taos New Mexico 2001 Dec -Betsy-

Utila Honduras 2005 Nov -Cassie-

Taos New Mexico 2005 Dec -Sophie & Betsy-

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Texas Lubbock 2005 Nov Me and Lady

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mexico, Guatemala

Mexico Barra de navidad 9/Jan/2002

Mexico Teotihuacan 15/Jan 2002

Guatemala Tikal National Park 7/Feb/2002

Sunday, November 02, 2008

India, do I want to go again?

I went to India in 2001 for 6 weeks.
And I think I lost my mind at least 3 times...(maybe 4)
In Delhi, Madurai and on the way to Kodaikanal.
All of them I was on the motorcycle.
Police, people on the car, people on the street,
Never really bothers me while I was walking on the street,but on the motorcycle.
Indian road madness.

Do I want to go again?

Yes, No Maybe So.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Meet a man at street in Burma

Since I left Maldives in 2007 May, I mostly stay in Munich.
Europe, when I start long journey from Japan I didn't expected this long...

My first travel out side of Japan was in NY for take dance lesson.
1991, everybody treat me like 12yrd child.

Next travel was in Guam 1995. Only 3.5hrs from Narita.
Driving around with Mustang, flying with helicopter,,,typical Japanese tourist.
Then Hawaii, Guam for another typical very short trip.
I was not back packer back then. But I wanted travel more and longer.
So I start learn English.

1998, I went to Thailand. That's my first back packer style trip.
Myanmar, Nepal, India...
People, culture, music, smell, food...

One of story from my travel.
When I was tiny village in Myanmar, I saw small book shop on the dark street.
I went in that shop, the man was very happy to see tourist.
He could speak English. (Most of people don't speak English in that village.)
He was offering me sweets from jar, it reminds me old style Japanese sweets.
And show me Japanese text that he's been study.
He told us story about himself.

He use to work for government.
But one day the government changed the policy in the country.
He has become a criminal though he made for the country.
And he had to go to jail.
He couldn't contact with his family. Family didn't have any money.
After 2 years in jail, he couldn't find his wife and children anymore.
He had no money but he try to make some money little by little then finally he own that book shop.

I wanted buy some book from him, and my friend bought one book
but it was only a few book in his shop.
So we decide to bring him some magazines and books we had.
We told him that we have to leave tomorrow very early,
but we will leave some books in front of shop for him.

Around 5:30 am, when we walk down the street to book shop,
He was standing in front of his shop and waiting for us.
It was 1999, I wonder how he is doing now.
Pictuer: Inley lake jumping cat temple.