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Snorkeling with dolphins at Ogasawara Japan

Actually they were mating...
This is same dolphins as last dolphin post.

Bali Underwater 2017 Part 2

Photo by Rich Maskey
At Nusa Penida - inside of cave underwater.

Freediving with dolphin in Ogasawara Japan

After this trip, we even saw school of cow nose ray and hammer head shark at the other spot.
It was an amazing day for free diving.

Swimming with dolphins in Japan

Wild dolphins in around Mikurajima Japan.

Bali Underwater 2017 part1

Photo by Rich Maskey.

Nusa Penida Indonesia

 Menjangan Bali

Nusa Penida Manta point

Photo shooting session at Bali for freediving

Photo shooting was 2016 October
Tulamben and Amed Bali Indonesia.

Photo by Sam Henry

Middle part of wreck swim through about 12m to 16m depth

Many swim through scuba diver can't, but freediver.

Early morning is the best time to enter the water, school of humphead parrot fish are cleaning...

This photo was first time I met Sam while I was just free diving at the reef in Amed.

He just came infant of me with camera in his hand...

Some how ended up I was modeling...

Swimming with dolphins at Big island Hawaii