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Hit the road again.

I've been in Maldives almost 11 months, and my contract will finish soon.
So, I have to decide either extend or not extend.
I'd like to have long holiday for myself, and would like to take yoga lesson and vippassana course in India.
Place will be Leh, Ladakh.
Leh, the capital of Ladakh is situated at a height of 3505 meters and is towards the eastern parts of Jammu and Kashmir.
It's close to Himalaya, so No Ocean! Only mountain and river.
My Plan was,,,
Fly to Bangalore from Male, then Delhi.
I will stay in Dehli 2-3 nights.
To get there, you can either fly from New Delhi, or take a bus to Manali (overnight), and from there, get a land-cruiser to Leh (two days and one night).
That's so far I made, but today I was talking with Nepali girl who work in this resort about my trip.
And she will be in Delhi about same time I would be, and I can join her to go around.
It will be nice some body know around there.