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Coral Spawning

2010 March 26 in the morning, one side of beach was full of coral eggs!
And that makes fishy smell all over the island.

Can you see them?
Tiny pink eggs...

diving on my birthday!

This is coral eggs on the beach...

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

My Birthday

Today is my birthday, and I just called to my family and told my mom to thanks for having me ??years ago. I do this every my birthday.
Because I realized that was the day, my mom made me living here.
And Thanks to my friends for Birthday wishes!! on Facebook!!

Wish all of you are happy, have the Wealthy Mind, are safe, and healthy!

Manta snorkeling trip with Japanese guests

We saw all together, 20 mantas.

Also watching them from the surface.

So many plankton!! and... poo!

HuvafenFushi - Maldives - Manta dive

Finally my BCD arrived, scubapro bella...size is XS, they said that BCD holds 10l tank.
But I use 12l normally from the boat dive. For house reef, I'm using 10l tank.
So far, it's okay, still feel bit big for me...

7:00am in Huvafen (6:00Male) time, we tried to find manta by speed boat and snorkeling.

Heron was showing me how to catch / eat fish...I haven't have breakfast yet!

Looking for school of manta... but we saw only 2 mantas from surface.

But, then we went in water...gone!

It was too early,,,3 hours later another people saw 30 mantas.
This picutre is 2 weeks ago, viz was very good.

This is @ house reef.

if you look very close to this pipefish mouth, it has dots!! @ Bodubo Thila