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Surfing lesson & Photo shooting

In front of Anantara staff island dive site called Veligandhu is on of popular surf point.
Many surfing safari boat also coming...
I just went in the water from staff island and start taking picture under water.
Under the wave look so nice and beautiful.

I often watching wave from staff island at breakfast time, it is around 6:30...

Freediving article on The Sunday Times

A Journalist Jeremy wrote about his freediving course with me. 

It was not a best condition to teach that day, super strong current and bumpy water, line was pulling up and down. 
But last day of session was better condition than first day. 
Best time in Anantara dhigu would be Feb to May.

PADI Freediver course in Anantara Maldives

Freediver course to 3 students.

It was bit strong current!
But they did very well!

Advanced course, photographs from student @Anantara Maldives

Dive site at Veligandhu Beyru to Bushi corner.
Around 15m depth, I found 2 stone fish together.

These pictures are from my student.
 They were huge!!

I make sure get more closer look!!

...and not so far from there found yellow colour leaf fish.

 And you will find a lot of honeycomb moray.

And it's me  :)

We also saw 3 mobula ray, but instead take photos, she was just enjoying view without look at screen.

Fun dive in South male atoll Maldives

dive at Miyaru faru!  We encounter hawksbill turtles, father tail ray, honeycomb moray, white tip shark, Napoleon, Dolphins and Mobura ray and eagle ray together!!  It was nice fun dive. 

Freediving with Manta ray in South male atoll Maldives

3weeks ago we were swimming with 9 mantas at same time!
Then next day our all instructors went same spot again. 
We found only one manta.He was swimming up side down to showing off his berry for long time, :) so I went closer look. 
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
And this is from Mickey Yu, with GoPro.  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Freediving in Maldives

Near Anantara in South male atoll, popular dive site called "KudaGiri" which has wreck just beside giri.
Nice spot to do freediving and scuba diving. 
Photo by Daniela Kenecchi
Photo by Daniela Kenecchi
Photo by Daniela Kenecchi
Photo by Daniela Kenecchi
Always see hawksbill turtles at this site.
Photo by Mari Kagaya.
Very curious !!!

Photo by Mari Kagaya.

World ocean day, massage from Manta ray


Freediving session

Photo shooting for freediving ads, At South male atoll.  At Kuda Giri