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Way to dharamkot from mcleodganj

Vipassana center
Gong from Myanmar

There is no cause without an effect  and there is no effect without cause.
The Law of Kamma is supreme and inevitable, what you have now is the result of what you have done in the past. Until we get rid of the force of Kamma which belong to us once and for all,  and enter the supreme Nibbana, There is bound to be some trouble or other, hert and there during the remainder of our existence  which we must put up with using the strength of Anicca.
Anicca will surey prevail yourself in good stead in spite of there.
Anicca is power make  Use of the power of Anicca  with diligence and there will be peace with you.
-Sayugyi U Ba Khin - My room in vipassana center
Back to macleodganj, Bagsu is on the back.


We gave some flowers and glass from out side.

Leh 1

Thiksey Gompa

Samker Gompa

Manali to Leh

I took mini bus to Leh 5:30 in the morning on Thursday, 10 people were
in the bus and I was the first person in minibus and 5 Indian guys
came with 3-4 bottle of Rum! and next person was Australian guy
and then Indian and Chez couple, last one was Israeli girl.
On the way, it was land slide from big rain so road was closed for
about 3 hours.
while we were waiting for road to open, 5 Indians went up for walk and
gone until road open, so we just start going up without 5 Indians, and
we pick them up on the way maybe after 1 and half hour ride.
they were actually funny.
Bus should be in Sarchu in same day and spend the night there, but we
were 3 hours late. We pass 2 check point, then gets dark.
May be Just before Baralacha La, our mini bus broke down badly.
No signal for mobile, nobody could help us...So we had to stay in
minibus for that night. Freezing cold out side I had enough stuff to
stay warm but still not nice. Woke up in the morning around 6, and
driver doesn't do anything so Israeli girl (…

Hit the road again.

I've been in Maldives almost 11 months, and my contract will finish soon.
So, I have to decide either extend or not extend.
I'd like to have long holiday for myself, and would like to take yoga lesson and vippassana course in India.
Place will be Leh, Ladakh.
Leh, the capital of Ladakh is situated at a height of 3505 meters and is towards the eastern parts of Jammu and Kashmir.
It's close to Himalaya, so No Ocean! Only mountain and river.
My Plan was,,,
Fly to Bangalore from Male, then Delhi.
I will stay in Dehli 2-3 nights.
To get there, you can either fly from New Delhi, or take a bus to Manali (overnight), and from there, get a land-cruiser to Leh (two days and one night).
That's so far I made, but today I was talking with Nepali girl who work in this resort about my trip.
And she will be in Delhi about same time I would be, and I can join her to go around.
It will be nice some body know around there.

Detox Words,Magic Words for you

I love my self very much.
I will be always kind to myself.
I perform self-investment positively.
I keep my promise.
I enjoy my own time.
I always choose a good feeling.
I am wonderful.
I am becoming good rapidly with all fields day by day.
All my part of bodies are becoming better and better day by day.
That was a long time ago, however it is now different.
I value my pace.
I choose more pleasant and favorite one than duty and profit or loss .
Wish all of the people are happy, have the wealthy mind, safe, and healthy!
I always talk in positive language to myself or others.
I enjoy encounter.
Easily, it has got over lightly.
I have always given permission to my heart.
I can do it.
Delightful delightful thank you.
Everything all well and a trouble do not happen.
Don't worry, everything going well.

Translated from Reiju Sumi Book.

Rainy season

I've got new phone!! Nokia N79.
And I like it a lot, it has GPS and Map Bluetooth etc...
So, put some music! made my phone can read and write Japanese! skype! took some video and pictures lalalalala...

Don't have to bring my camera to yoga time for take nice sunrise shot, just Yoga matt, towel,room key and my phone.
So I can take my favorite maakana (heron) picture at yoga pavilion.
lately windy and rainy, guests are not much doing, we are very bored!!!
In Maldives weather change very quickly from this,,,,
to doesn't look so bad on this picture because I'm in Maldives anyway. :)

Today we have windy and rainy day, but some times sunshine.

Coral Bleaching

Bleaching starts from top of the coral,,,underneath has still healthy color.

I went to House reef without guest today.
Weather is very nice no much wind, water temperature is 32 Celsius on the surface!!
I've been noticed around shallow aria corals are getting white!
But,,, I don't know what to do...
Hoping more rain or clouds to cool down.

Coral Spawning

2010 March 26 in the morning, one side of beach was full of coral eggs!
And that makes fishy smell all over the island.

Can you see them?
Tiny pink eggs...

diving on my birthday!

This is coral eggs on the beach...