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Detox Words,Magic Words for you

I love my self very much.
I will be always kind to myself.
I perform self-investment positively.
I keep my promise.
I enjoy my own time.
I always choose a good feeling.
I am wonderful.
I am becoming good rapidly with all fields day by day.
All my part of bodies are becoming better and better day by day.
That was a long time ago, however it is now different.
I value my pace.
I choose more pleasant and favorite one than duty and profit or loss .
Wish all of the people are happy, have the wealthy mind, safe, and healthy!
I always talk in positive language to myself or others.
I enjoy encounter.
Easily, it has got over lightly.
I have always given permission to my heart.
I can do it.
Delightful delightful thank you.
Everything all well and a trouble do not happen.
Don't worry, everything going well.

Translated from Reiju Sumi Book.

Rainy season

I've got new phone!! Nokia N79.
And I like it a lot, it has GPS and Map Bluetooth etc...
So, put some music! made my phone can read and write Japanese! skype! took some video and pictures lalalalala...

Don't have to bring my camera to yoga time for take nice sunrise shot, just Yoga matt, towel,room key and my phone.
So I can take my favorite maakana (heron) picture at yoga pavilion.
lately windy and rainy, guests are not much doing, we are very bored!!!
In Maldives weather change very quickly from this,,,,
to doesn't look so bad on this picture because I'm in Maldives anyway. :)

Today we have windy and rainy day, but some times sunshine.

Coral Bleaching

Bleaching starts from top of the coral,,,underneath has still healthy color.

I went to House reef without guest today.
Weather is very nice no much wind, water temperature is 32 Celsius on the surface!!
I've been noticed around shallow aria corals are getting white!
But,,, I don't know what to do...
Hoping more rain or clouds to cool down.