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House Reef Dive

Squat lobster, body size was about 1.5cm normally hiding on a crinoid, I think name also, Crinoid squat lobster or Feather star squat lobster or Elegant Squat Lobster, always hiding.

Underwater SPA from outside.


A few days ago, we practiced para sailing...
Because now we have double sail!!
I was very scared to watching people going up higher and higher...
But finally, I also went up in the air!!!
And we were touching to the sea and splashing water while speed boat was pulling us, we did that just for fun.

Coral cultivation in Huvafen Fushi

In Valentine's day at Huvafen Fushi, we had coral planting.
So, I also adopted one coral and also helped planting.
I named our coral "Little Mermaid"

Little Mermaid is now part of Huvafen Fushi's coral nursery.
It's about 3cm height now.
Stay there for about 6 month or so, and then will move to our house reef.
I will visit Little Mermaid time to time while I'm here.

St.Gallen - Mountain - Maldives