Detox Words,Magic Words for you

I love my self very much.
I will be always kind to myself.
I perform self-investment positively.
I keep my promise.
I enjoy my own time.
I always choose a good feeling.
I am wonderful.
I am becoming good rapidly with all fields day by day.
All my part of bodies are becoming better and better day by day.
That was a long time ago, however it is now different.
I value my pace.
I choose more pleasant and favorite one than duty and profit or loss .
Wish all of the people are happy, have the wealthy mind, safe, and healthy!
I always talk in positive language to myself or others.
I enjoy encounter.
Easily, it has got over lightly.
I have always given permission to my heart.
I can do it.
Delightful delightful thank you.
Everything all well and a trouble do not happen.
Don't worry, everything going well.

Translated from Reiju Sumi Book.


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