Rainy season

I've got new phone!! Nokia N79.
And I like it a lot, it has GPS and Map Bluetooth etc...
So, put some music! made my phone can read and write Japanese! skype! took some video and pictures lalalalala...

Don't have to bring my camera to yoga time for take nice sunrise shot, just Yoga matt, towel,room key and my phone.
So I can take my favorite maakana (heron) picture at yoga pavilion.
lately windy and rainy, guests are not much doing, we are very bored!!!
In Maldives weather change very quickly from this,,,,
to this...it doesn't look so bad on this picture because I'm in Maldives anyway. :)

Today we have windy and rainy day, but some times sunshine.


  1. Good day. You have a nice blog and photos I like. Have a nice day Radka.


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