Manali to Leh

I took mini bus to Leh 5:30 in the morning on Thursday, 10 people were
in the bus and I was the first person in minibus and 5 Indian guys
came with 3-4 bottle of Rum! and next person was Australian guy
and then Indian and Chez couple, last one was Israeli girl.
On the way, it was land slide from big rain so road was closed for
about 3 hours.
while we were waiting for road to open, 5 Indians went up for walk and
gone until road open, so we just start going up without 5 Indians, and
we pick them up on the way maybe after 1 and half hour ride.
they were actually funny.
Bus should be in Sarchu in same day and spend the night there, but we
were 3 hours late. We pass 2 check point, then gets dark.
May be Just before Baralacha La, our mini bus broke down badly.
No signal for mobile, nobody could help us...So we had to stay in
minibus for that night. Freezing cold out side I had enough stuff to
stay warm but still not nice. Woke up in the morning around 6, and
driver doesn't do anything so Israeli girl (Inbal), Australian guy
(Matt) and another guys went out side to stop bus and trucks for
asking for ride. one of big tour bus tell us 1000Rs for ride, and
another track told Israeli girl 300Rs p/p for 3 people.
Inbal, Matt and me jumped in that track. :)
We arrived Leh around 9pm.
So, it was one of adventure ride... in the and we were fine.

View was spectacular, but I was so sleepy and had headache.
Keep drinking chai and water, took some aspirin.
I was not hungry at all until we find Solpon guest house.
Every one got room and I got big one. It's very nice and quiet.
I think 2 rooms are big and 1 or 2 very small rooms and 3 or 4 other
rooms. I took shower and strait to bed. Also another two.
This morning,
Went down to center of Leh, I think more Internet shops are around
here than I expected.

My hart was pounding when I went up to hills. And sun is very strong here.
I will take it easy for 2-3 days and have look around.


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