Breathing technique and visualization workshop for pregnant women

I will have workshop to pregnancy ladies for the first time in this Thursday. 

This time will be bit different from my normal workshop... 

By the way, you can hold your breath or take big breath during pregnancy...  

In my personal opinion, pregnant woman have no problems with freediving, diving in regular tanks or snorkeling (as long as they can understand the limits of their body) 

However,it is highly likely that you do not know what will happen during pregnancy. 

So it will be no breath hold or taking special breathing exercise on this workshop. 

And I also got some advice from my friend who supporting pregnant ladies professionally (Noriko Amies) in Australia. 



In giving birth, it is of course important to practice how much you can relax yourself, but more important than that is to find a health care professional who will support the childbirth you want. 

No matter how much you master the relaxation method and feel confident in yourself, as long as you are taken care of by a healthcare professional who has a negative attitude towards natural childbirth, you will be guided to an artificial childbirth style. 

Especially in Japan, giving birth at a hospital is "we can let you giving birth" rather than "giving birth" to the mother... 

 Learning how to relax for childbirth has become popular because it has become common for mother to give birth in unnatural places(hospitals), making it difficult for mothers to relax and becoming dystocia... etc.. 

So, where to give birth is more important than training. 



I agree with her. 

 I will be focus on this workshop to be in the visualization of giving birth, get rid of anxiety, be confident in yourself, and visualize how the delivering is proceeding smoothly. 

It's basically similar to other things (sports etc...) 

It will be non pregnant women are also joining this workshop.

I would really exited to meet them.

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